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VFX of Custom Depth Masking

VFX of Custom Depth Masking A lot of post processing tutorials use the custom depth buffer. One thing that most tutorials don’t show is how to mask off effects using the buffer. A great example of this is when creating an outline shader. If you don’t mask off the object that is on the Custom Depth Buffer then the outline will overlay on top of anything in front of it. In order to keep this from happening we need to mask it off using the scene depth buffer. Warning: Currently this only works from a set camera distance. Brainstorming The biggest issue was figuring out how to tell if there’s an object in front of the one used on the Custom Depth Buffer. I didn't want to put more stress on the pipeline. I looked at what was already given to me and found out a handy way to use the regular depth buffer. Let's get started! Materials In 4 steps objects can be masked off within the Custom Depth buffer. These 4 steps basically check if the scene depth color of the objec

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